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How to Prevent Your Tires from Aging Too Quickly

For all motorists that actively drive a car, their tires are wearing down. It happens as soon as the vehicle is driven for the first time. Eventually, they must be replaced in order to maintain a properly functioning automobile. However, there are ways to prevent tires from eroding too quickly. Checking your car’s tire pressure and the tread is as important to your vehicle’s stability as an oil change.

To do this, a tire gauge can be used by placing the instrument into the valve of each tire. Depending on the manufacturer, tires should be filled according to…

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Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension System

If you have a bumpier ride than normal when driving your car, there could be a problem with your suspension. If putting on your brakes have you feel like your car is taking a nosedive, it's time to get help. At Southgate Lincoln, we offer a full-service center for all of your car maintenance needs. We will carefully inspect your suspension system and provide you with an estimate for the services we recommend so that you can drive your car safely.

Even if you haven't hit a large bump or hole, suspension parts can wear out from regular…

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The All-New 2018 Lincoln Navigator: Performance at Its Best

Finding a vehicle that gives you luxury and comfort while also giving you the most power you want is easy when you choose the all-new 2018 Ford Navigator. For the first time in its history, Lincoln has produced an engine with the maximum performance of 450 horsepower. The turbocharged 3.5-liter engine was produced to give a driver superior engine output without sacrificing comfort. You still receive the same smooth ride in the eight-passenger vehicle that you should expect from a Lincoln.

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Keep Your Gas Tank Full This Winter

One of the common tips that seasoned drivers teach new drivers is to keep your gas in a half tank. Once you get under a half tank, they teach them to refill. However, in winter months you want to keep your gas tank full. Now keeping your gas tank full in the winter will give you peace of mind.

Now you may be wondering why, and there are two reasons that our staff at Southgate Lincoln wants to highlight. The first one is if you get stranded at least with a full tank of gas to keep the car running…

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The Logic Behind All-Wheel-Drive and Four-Wheel-Drive

There is sometimes a bit of confusion when it comes to the definition of four-wheel drive and all-wheel-drive vehicles. Although both cause all four tires on a vehicle to have power and thus create more traction on the driving surface, there are two separate and distinct uses for this phenomenon.

All-wheel-drive vehicles are usually sedans, high-performance cars, and crossovers. The configuration of this method is to send an equal and even amount of power to each wheel with the ability to vary according to the condition of the road under each wheel.

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Choosing Southgate Lincoln for Car Maintenance is an Easy Choice

Bringing your car in for servicing should be an enjoyable experience, yet too many drivers head to the discount repair shops and wind up having to go back a number of times before the job is done right. Here is why you want to bring your vehicle to see our experts at Southgate Lincoln:

At our Southgate, MI showroom, our team is committed to getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Plan a trip to get started at 16800 Fort Street today!

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Online Credit Approval Makes Car Buying Easier

The process of purchasing a new car can often be a stressful one we at Southgate Lincoln wish to make as easy as possible for our Southgate customers. An online financing application is now an important part of car buying for the majority of our customers who want to shop for their new vehicle in the online environment. The pre-approval process has been made simple for our customers to make sure each customer drives away from our lot in one of our cars following as stress-free a process as possible.

Applying for financing online reduces the amount of time...
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Tire Rotation Keeps Your Vehicle Running Effectively

Don't leave the health of your tires to chance or only focus on them when they go flat. Schedule tire rotations every 6,000 miles and you will avoid some of the following issues.

When the tires begin to wear unevenly as a result of not having them rotated, there may be a strong vibration that could impact your ability to maintain your lane safely when driving.

As the tires start wearing from the front of the car to back, it could cause your vehicle to begin to veer into oncoming traffic.

The tread starts wearing in strange patterns…
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Never Ignore a Dashboard Warning Light

Wherever you wish to drive, make sure your car is working at its best. Visiting Southgate Lincoln is the best way to assure a vehicle is fit for the highway. Dashboard warning lights keep drivers informed of vehicle conditions affecting driving.
  • Check engine light means service is necessary. Ignoring this electronic notice is unwise.
  • The oil light shows oil is dangerously low. Next stop is a blown engine. So, heed the warning and check the oil.
  • Battery light on red. Now, there is one alert you don’t want to miss. Your vehicle comes to a standstill without power. Visit…
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