Keep Your Gas Tank Full This Winter

One of the common tips that seasoned drivers teach new drivers is to keep your gas in a half tank. Once you get under a half tank, they teach them to refill. However, in winter months you want to keep your gas tank full. Now keeping your gas tank full in the winter will give you peace of mind.

Now you may be wondering why, and there are two reasons that our staff at Southgate Lincoln wants to highlight. The first one is if you get stranded at least with a full tank of gas to keep the car running and keep you warm.

The second reason is to keep the fuel flowing through your fuel line in the extreme cold. However, with a full tank, it can push the fuel through. All in all, keeping a full tank will also make sure that your car can start up in cold conditions. At our dealership, we want to make sure you are safe.

If you need some winter season maintenance tips, feel free to stop by our Southgate, MI showroom at your earliest convenience!

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