Never Ignore a Dashboard Warning Light

Wherever you wish to drive, make sure your car is working at its best. Visiting Southgate Lincoln is the best way to assure a vehicle is fit for the highway. Dashboard warning lights keep drivers informed of vehicle conditions affecting driving.
  • Check engine light means service is necessary. Ignoring this electronic notice is unwise.
  • The oil light shows oil is dangerously low. Next stop is a blown engine. So, heed the warning and check the oil.
  • Battery light on red. Now, there is one alert you don’t want to miss. Your vehicle comes to a standstill without power. Visit the Southgate Lincoln repair center and let the pros give the vehicle a go-over.
  • A show of the temperature light signals the car may be overheating. If ignored you may discover sudden steam fuming from under your hood.
Whatever the problem, Southgate Lincoln technicians will know the answer.
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