Choosing Southgate Lincoln for Car Maintenance is an Easy Choice

Bringing your car in for servicing should be an enjoyable experience, yet too many drivers head to the discount repair shops and wind up having to go back a number of times before the job is done right. Here is why you want to bring your vehicle to see our experts at Southgate Lincoln:

  • Each mechanic that works at the dealership has access to best tools for any repair needed on your vehicle.
  • If there is a recall that may be pending and your vehicle is involved, know we will make that repair while under warranty for you.
  • The team only makes use of OEM approved automobile parts.
  • If you decide to stay with us while the repair team is servicing your car, relax in style in our roomy and cozy waiting area.

At our Southgate, MI showroom, our team is committed to getting you in and out as quickly as possible. Plan a trip to get started at 16800 Fort Street today!

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