The Lincoln MKC Provides Tranquility on the Road

The Lincoln MKC is one of the most popular luxury crossover vehicles of its kind, with good reason. An attractive and stylish exterior gives way to an interior that includes a host of features that offer you a great mix of convenience and safety.

Your MKC awaits your return like a good friend. As you approach the vehicle, it detects the included key fob and brightens the exterior lights, illuminates your door handles and puts out a welcome mat made of light for you.

Once you're inside the MKC, noise control technology helps to keep things quiet and dampen extraneous noise from outside. The side mirrors minimize wind noise, and the window glass will absorb sounds from the road, creating a more peaceful environment inside the cab.

Our staff here at Southgate Lincoln would be happy to show you everything the Lincoln MKC has to offer, so stop by today!



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