How to Prevent Your Tires from Aging Too Quickly

For all motorists that actively drive a car, their tires are wearing down. It happens as soon as the vehicle is driven for the first time. Eventually, they must be replaced in order to maintain a properly functioning automobile. However, there are ways to prevent tires from eroding too quickly. Checking your car’s tire pressure and the tread is as important to your vehicle’s stability as an oil change.

To do this, a tire gauge can be used by placing the instrument into the valve of each tire. Depending on the manufacturer, tires should be filled according to their standard PSI recommendation. All four tires should be even, having the same PSI level when they are filled with air. Once your tire’s tread reaches a depth that is shallower than the inverted head of a penny, they should be changed at the earliest convenience. For more precise measurement, a tread depth gauge can be used.

Tires that are worn and low in pressure can increase the amount of money spend on gas and can potentially become a hazard on the road, especially in bad weather due and slippery roads. That’s why Southgate Lincoln advises you to stop by for an in-depth look at your automobile. Help us make the roads of Southgate, MI safer for everyone!

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