Understanding Your Vehicle's Suspension System

If you have a bumpier ride than normal when driving your car, there could be a problem with your suspension. If putting on your brakes have you feel like your car is taking a nosedive, it's time to get help. At Southgate Lincoln, we offer a full-service center for all of your car maintenance needs. We will carefully inspect your suspension system and provide you with an estimate for the services we recommend so that you can drive your car safely.

Even if you haven't hit a large bump or hole, suspension parts can wear out from regular use. The ball joints may need to be replaced, or the tie-rod ends changed out. When you are driving around with a worn-out suspension system, this compromises your car's safety.

If you need new struts, shocks, or other suspension parts, it's time for a visit our team at 16800 Fort Street. Ride comfortably with a good suspension.

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