How to Identify Exhaust System Problems

We here at Southgate Lincoln know that needing service for your vehicle is never a convenient situation. Because of this, we try to make sure that your vehicle is always working correctly by way of routine maintenance and inspections. When it comes to your exhaust, we take a look at this system during a routine visit. In between appointments, you might notice that there is an issue going on with your exhaust because you will notice:

  • A vibrating gas pedal
  • A leak from your exhaust pipe
  • Louder than normal sounds coming from your exhaust pipe or from your engine as you drive
  • A bad smell might fill up your cabin as you are driving, or someone behind you might smell the issue
  • Your fuel mileage might decrease over the course of a few months, or it might drop off in a short amount of time

Give us a call today if you are in need of exhaust service.



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