How to Know When Your Ignition Needs Servicing

A car's ignition is important because it lets your car start. While a good battery is also necessary, the ignition needs to be working correctly too. Some warning signs that the ignition requires service are a grinding noise, freewheeling, and oil soak.

If your vehicle makes a grinding noise, the ignition might need repairs. Don't shrug it off as an annoying sound because it can cause more damage when it's ignored. Freewheeling is the whining sound a car makes when you try to start it, but the engine doesn't whir like it normally does. Usually, your car needs an ignition replacement when that happens. Check the bottom of your engine for oil leaks. Because the starter is located there, any oil leaks can damage it. Immediately fix the leak and take your vehicle in to our Southgate Lincoln to ensure the ignition hasn't been damaged.

A car's ignition may need servicing if you hear grinding noises, experience freewheeling, or find an oil soak at the bottom of the engine. You can bring your car to our service center here at Southgate Lincoln in Southgate, MI for servicing.

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