What Kind of Headlights are on the Road Today?

Unless you have an original antique vehicle which you use to move around town, you do not have any form of the original acetylene or oil headlights used way back when. The headlights that you use on your modern vehicle is dubbed as either "standard," "halogen," or "light emitting diodes" (LED).

At Southgate Lincoln, we carry all the components for every one of these headlights. The standard headlight, a sealed-beam unit that uses a filament engulfed in a nitrogen-argon gas came standard on all vehicles until 1960. In 1960, the halogen headlight was introduced with a tungsten filament that created greater candle-power. The LED light provides longer life and illuminates objects at a further distance.

Headlights are an essential safety component of your vehicle. You should have us check your headlight health at every service. Without efficient lighting, you are putting yourself and your family in danger.



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