Installing a Child Safety Seat

There are excellent child restraint seats on the market, but if they are installed incorrectly, they can do more harm than good. Be sure to use the correct seat for your child's age and weight.

Federal guidelines direct specific restraint systems for children. Infants and children up to three years of age need an appropriate rear-facing seat. Front-facing seats are recommended for children from ages four to seven. From eight to 12, children may use a booster seat. The seat you buy will come with instructions for its installation. Place the seat in the back seat, deemed the safest part of the car for children. Secure the seat with the vehicle's seat belts, and ensure that any restraints around your child are snug but not tight.

If you'd like advice on installing child safety seats or have any other questions, stop by Southgate Lincoln in Southgate, MI. We're happy to discuss any concerns you may have about your family's safety while in your car.

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