Lincoln MKC: Bold and Beautiful

The all-new Lincoln MKC is a classic mix of modern features and design elements with classic lines and styling cues. Lincoln has been a leader in the implementation of Avant-Garde continuously producing products that are both timeless and ahead of their time. The all-new MKC is no exception.

The lines of the MKC are strong but graceful. The all-LED tail light wraps around the entire rear tailgate flowing naturally into the rear quarter panels. The chiseled side body contours are swept in a way that highlights the athletic nature of the MKC but in a seamless and elegant continuous nature that highlight the refinement of the all-new Lincoln. The muscular grille, highlighted with contrasting polished metal and piano black finishes, send a clear message of power and authority to all that approach.

The Lincoln MKC is a masterfully crafted example of modern style mixed with timeless beauty. Visit Southgate Lincoln in Southgate, MI to discover your new Lincoln.

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