Keep Tire Groove and Sipes in Good Shape With Regular Rotations

Here at Southgate Lincoln, we like to help car owners get more out of their tires. One important way of getting this done is to regularly rotate vehicle tires. Drivers who do so can greatly increase the life of the sipes and groove in their tire treads.

Grooves and sipes are special patterns cut into tires that extend surface area and promote traction and control. Grooves are the deeper tread valleys that often allow for water removal, and sipes are the thinner and shallower channels cut into the grooves. Grooves and sipes that wear evenly can increase vehicle occupant safety.

An easy way to keep treads in strong shape is to regularly rotate tires. Well it may sound complicated, tire rotation simply involves periodically changing the location of each tire. Vehicle owners can do this in several ways, and they can use one of several tire rotation patterns. The benefits of regular rotation are hard to overstate, and they can involve goodies such as better traction, even tread wear, and regular tire inspections.



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