If you’re a parent of a teen driver in Southgate, you’re probably already concerned about their safety on the road, especially if they’re a new driver. At Southgate Lincoln, we understand those concerns, and we want to alleviate them for you as much as possible.

Choosing a used car is a wise decision. It’s better to establish their level of confidence on the road. Once they've gained more experience, upgrade them to a newer or brand-new car. Choose a heavier car or small SUV without high horsepower to lessen their temptation for testing the limits with a powerful engine. And stay away from minicars. Car's that are equipped with an Electronic Stability Control (ESC) feature is also better for maintaining control on slippery roads or curves.

Visit our dealership, and our sales professionals will help you choose the right car for your teen. Please feel free to bring them along for the selection.


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