Know the Signs That Your Brake Pad Need Replacement

Here at Southgate Lincoln we understand the importance of car maintenance and service. We also try to help car owners understand the basic function of things like brake pads. Spotting the signs of bad brake pads could help you save money in the long run.

Your car's brake pads are perhaps the most important component of the entire braking system. When brake pads become worn they can place stress on other brake parts like rotors and cause damage. Brake pads are used to create friction when they make contact with the rotor. That friction is what slows your car down and brings it to a stop. A grinding or squealing noise from the area of the wheel is often the first sign that brake pads need to be replaced.

We welcome you to visit us today at our dealership in Southgate. Our service team is always ready to assist you with brake service and other maintenance issues.


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