Roadside emergencies happen, and there is never a good time for one. Specific circumstances make particular emergencies worse than others. To preserve your safety, you must take smart preparatory steps to protect yourself and any passengers.

Keeping clear of traffic serves as a critical way of improving safety. Standing too close to both a disabled car and traffic is dangerous. If the car is on the side of the road, it becomes easier to avoid traffic. If you can't move the vehicle, move yourself to safety. Once safe, call your insurance provider or third party's emergency assistance services.

Safety comes in other forms as well. Remember, the vehicle's interior can become quite hot in summer weather. You don't want pets or passengers left alone in a hot car. Do the lights work? You want the ability to use the lights at night, so make sure nothing is burned out.

A safe car is a well-maintained one. Call us at Southgate Lincoln to inquire about all service requests.



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