Scores of different parts come together to build a car. Gaskets might not be the first parts that come to mind when people think about car parts. However, gaskets do serve an essential role. Without them, leaks could happen at various points in the vehicle.

Gaskets create a seal. Technicians place gaskets between two surfaces. In a vehicle, gaskets common appear between surfaces connected by bolts. Again, gaskets create seals, particularly in the engine area. They also perform some cushioning duties.

The "head gasket" remains a vital component in the engine. Located in between the cylinder head and engine block, this gasket seals the internal combustion. There are scores of other gaskets in the vehicle serving similar sealant purposes. The oil pan gasket keeps oil from leaking out. Problems with gaskets could lead to leaks or worse, which is why gasket issues require repairing without delay.

Drivers in Southgate could get their gaskets and other parts checked at our service station. The team at Southgate Lincoln does want to help.


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