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9 Easy Steps to Changing a Flat Tire

Knowing how to change a flat tire is important for saving time and money. You don't want to be delayed when you have a meeting, a special event, or you need to be at work on time. At Southgate Lincoln, we care about our customers, so whether you want to change a tire on your own or let us handle it, we're here to help. To change a flat tire, you must:

  1. Park in a safe place if possible where your car is on level ground and not on grass or dirt.
  2. Turn off the car, engage the…
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How to Identify Exhaust System Problems

We here at Southgate Lincoln know that needing service for your vehicle is never a convenient situation. Because of this, we try to make sure that your vehicle is always working correctly by way of routine maintenance and inspections. When it comes to your exhaust, we take a look at this system during a routine visit. In between appointments, you might notice that there is an issue going on with your exhaust because you will notice:

  • A vibrating gas pedal
  • A leak from your exhaust pipe 
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How You Can Easily Pack Your Roadside Emergency Kit

These are some of the essentials that should be inside the roadside emergency kit you keep in your vehicle when you leave the house.

The tools you should have in a small bag include pliers, wrenches, scissors, hammer, screwdriver, utility knife, and socket set. A roll of duct tape is a huge benefit to allow you to patch broken parts long enough to get to a service station.

Tire fix-a-flat cans are ideal to move the car off the road if the tire is flat. The empty gas can and jumper cables are useful when most drivers aren't traveling…

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What You Should Know About Motor Oil Myths

Motor oil myths are obnoxiously insidious. The harmful effects you stand to suffer because of unfounded rumors significantly outweigh any potential benefits. In many cases, the falsehoods will end up costing you money. We're here to help; here are a few of our least favorite motor oil myths.

There is nothing wrong with motor oil that is black in color. Black motor oil indicates an oil that is working hard to clean your engine, which is precisely what you want. In reality, you should be more concerned with a product that isn't turning black.

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How to Know When Your Ignition Needs Servicing

A car's ignition is important because it lets your car start. While a good battery is also necessary, the ignition needs to be working correctly too. Some warning signs that the ignition requires service are a grinding noise, freewheeling, and oil soak.

If your vehicle makes a grinding noise, the ignition might need repairs. Don't shrug it off as an annoying sound because it can cause more damage when it's ignored.

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Towing Guide Checklist to Avoid Roadside Emergencies

Take a few extra minutes before towing a vehicle to go over this safety checklist to ensure you limit the chances of things going wrong.

  • Have someone stand behind the trailer and see if all the lights are in working order on your vehicles.
  • Once the vehicle is safely secured on the trailer, take a few minutes to check the air pressure in all the tires.
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Explore the Lincoln MKT’s Exciting Performance Features

The MKT was introduced by Lincoln in 2010. It remains a popular midsize crossover SUV. Included among the many performance features are the available turbocharged engine and its Intelligent AWD sensors. The MKT is a luxury SUV that delivers on performance.

The available twin-turbocharged 3.5L, V6 engine is equipped with 365 horsepower and 350 pound-feet of torque. It delivers on a powerful performance platform while remaining fuel efficient. The MKT’s Intelligent AWD utilizes traction monitoring sensors. This capability diminishes wheel slippage by allowing it to balance...

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The Lincoln MKC Provides Tranquility on the Road

The Lincoln MKC is one of the most popular luxury crossover vehicles of its kind, with good reason. An attractive and stylish exterior gives way to an interior that includes a host of features that offer you a great mix of convenience and safety.

Your MKC awaits your return like a good friend. As you approach the vehicle, it detects the included key fob and brightens the exterior lights, illuminates your door handles and puts out a welcome mat made of light for you.

Once you're inside the MKC, noise control technology helps to keep things quiet and dampen…

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Lincoln MKX Provides an Entertaining Drive

The stylish new Lincoln MKX is a popular crossover for families in the Southgate, MI region and it is something that can provide you and your family with a great driving/riding experience. This luxury vehicle offers you the technology that you need to enjoy your time on the road.

The Lincoln MKX is set up with SYNC 3 technology. This voice-activated system allows you to listen to music, get directions, and communicate with those you love. The Lincoln MKX also features a Revel Audio System that provides you with superior sound quality to make all of your music-listening experiences…

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